My partner and I met in 2012 and soon after decided to have a child together.  One child.

We tried and tried, until I was medically diagnosed with infertility.

Shortly after this heart-breaking news, we got the most unexpected, amazing and exciting news – I was pregnant! But that wasn’t the end of the surprises…there were 3 little heart beats in my tummy. We were in shock and for the first couple of days, every time Geoff and I looked at each other we burst into laughter! 

The pregnancy was challenging (I developed Hyperemesis Gravidarum, a debilitating morning sickness, like that suffered by the Duchess of Cambridge) and a cardiac condition which made daily tasks almost impossible.

At 33 weeks, our beautiful, healthy, happy boys, Blake, Charlie and Drew, were delivered by emergency caesarean on December 9, 2016.  We were absolutely ecstatic. As I am allergic to all oral contraceptives, when all three boys came out crying, I asked for my tubes to be tied as I had already consented and discussed this with the obstetrician previously but was refused due to prematurity of our triplets.

At 12 weeks postpartum, I had a mirena inserted, which migrated to just below my stomach.  After consultation with specialists, it was decided to surgically remove that pesky mirena, and again, asked for my tubes to be tied, which again was refused, as I was only 31 and it was against the surgeons’ religious beliefs.

At home, post-natal depression set in; I felt isolated and alone, but it didn’t stop us loving every single minute of being the proud parents of triplets.

Which brings me to Christmas, just gone. I was sitting watching the boys play I turned to Geoff and said, “I think I’m going to cry.”  He said, jokingly, “You’re not pregnant, are you?” It was impossible. He’d had a vasectomy.

Regardless, I bought a pregnancy test that day, went home and the result was “positive”.  I got more pregnancy tests and they all said the same thing. How could this happen?

When the ultrasound showed two tiny miracles, we were speechless and in shock. We could barely talk to each other on the way home and I may have even shed a tear.  It’s so hard coping with 3 little ones…how am I going to manage another two? Remember, we only ever imagined ourselves having one child and were told we were infertile.

I’m back to constant vomiting and I have the same cardiac condition as in my first pregnancy. This takes me to the hospital twice per week, sometimes four times, depending on appointments and intravenous hydration.  Turns out I’m also allergic to medications that stop vomiting. Just my luck! 

Reality is setting in – how am I going to get the kids around?  How am I going to deal with the stresses of my new ‘superfamily’? 

As it stands, I will be isolated at home, unable to take my kids anywhere as we only one 5-seater sedan. 

We have requested an Early Superannuation Release from the Australian Taxation Office from Geoff’s super, supported by our GP and specialists, but our pleas are falling on deaf ears.

This has created huge stress with my pregnancy, increasing my anxiety and perinatal depression. 

 We are a single income family; we just don’t have the resources that would allow us to purchase and modify a big enough vehicle.  I’m already feeling isolated from support networks and I know this is placing my unborn babies at risk, due to the increased stress and anxiety.

I am hoping that there are some wonderful people out there who can sympathize with our situation and help us fundraise to buy the right vehicle.

 We adore all of our children, including the unborn twins, who we can’t wait to meet. 

We just need a little ‘leg up’ at this challenging stage of our lives and we are hoping there are people who will give us that chance.

Thank you for reading our story.