As a long time Dungeons and Dragons Dungeon Master, I rarely found myself in situations where I needed to keep track of resources like spells, smites, turn undead and the like. On the rare occasions I found myself as a player I usually stuck with playing as a rogue. However, I recently found myself playing as a Wizard and I found it really annoying trying to track my spell slots. I regularly found myself forgetting to note down when I recovered slots or occasionally when I spent them.

So I designed and created this for myself. The Spell sleuth! A handy wooden board with acrylic tokens to keep track of available and spent spell slots, as well as whether you are currently concentrating or not.  Just pop a token into a slot for every spell slot you have left. As soon as you cast the spell, remove the token and place it in the discard section for safe keeping.

It went down very well among my group that a few other players asked for them, with one of my friends suggesting I launch a kickstarter to help fund a new machine so I can bring more of my ideas into reality.

The board itself is cut from Birch and then treated with 100% Natural beeswax. This not only deepens the colour but it protects the wood from sun damage, makes it slightly more water resistant and keeps the nutrients of the wood locked in. The board is 140mm x 140mm x 7mm and the tokens are cut from acrylic and are 10mm in diameter, they are also thicker than the board so they stand proud for easy removal.

The funding from this project will all go directly into my business to fund new machinery, which will in turn allow me to create more gaming themed items like Dice boxes and trays, initiative trackers and tokens and more.

Thank you for reading this little story and I hope to chat with you in the comments!


  • £2,500/500% total pledges. (COMPLETE)

If we get to £2,500, I will offer all backers the option between the four colours of wood below. Those are Birch, Pine, Oak and Walnut. Those backers who have pledged for more that one unit can choose multiple colours.

  • 100 Backers!

If we get 100 total backers, I will be offering different coloured tokens. As of now, the colours will be Red, Yellow, Green, Blue and Black. Please note the concentration tokens will remain white for now. This may change in the future.

  • £3,500/700% Funding

If we get to £3,500, every single tracker will come with a complete set of spare tokens. As I am sure some people will lose some!

Risks and challenges

The risks associated with this project are quite low as I am not anticipating a huge following, however the more backers it gets there is a chance this could be delayed slightly. As it stands, I can make around 600 units and make the planned deadline without issue. If it exceeds 1000, then there could be a slight delay.