Saving A Love Story For The Ages

Love stories are what fairy tales are made of and this one needs to be saved. I was the best man in Jared’s wedding and have known him for many years, he is more than a friend but a brother, as anyone who knows Jared will attest.  He will take you in and love you like a brother or sister no matter your background, I believe this comes from his own crazy story growing up as an adopted man himself.  This is only multiplied by his loving wife Sharla Liliuokalani Kauo Deisher, who brings her Hawaiian spirit of Aloha to him everyday.

His cancer has prompted me to share their story now in hopes that you will either donate to help cover medical bills or share their story as we need to keep a great man around.

Here is their story.

Their Story Is Beautiful, Fit For A Princess

Jared and Sharla Deisher have the storybook love that is in danger of ending short. They met the first time in 1995, he was 21 and she was, well let’s say, younger haha. Their love started then, but as you can guess life separated them for 23 years.  As fate would have it the flames again were united when Sharla answered an employment ad that Jared had placed looking for work at home positions.  Sharla recognized the name but after so many years couldn’t place a face but after communicating over email they established that they were the two that had met so long ago.

They both had lived their lives with ups and down but always with a smile on their face. They both had been divorced and both have children but decided they needed to meet again and at least say hello.  From the moment Sharla went to meet Jared there were no words spoken, he walked to her car and placed a huge kiss that would seal the deal from that point on and have created a beautiful mixed family.

The Wedding

They were married in January of 2018 with a beautiful wedding and lots of friends and family involved, their happiness seemed to carry a brightness that could light up the sky.  After so many years of being apart and finally brought back together it was a heaven sent day and their love for each other has only grown.  Nothing, it seemed could have stopped the happiness that was present with these two, but what many didn’t know was they were fighting something that could end that happiness.

The News

What most people didn’t know!  Three days before the wedding Jared was diagnosed with a Carcinoid Tumor, an Endocrine Cancer very rare that typically starts and stays in the small intestine but had spread to his backbone and liver.  He had 8 months of severe back pain that no one could pinpoint until one ER doctor saw the tumor in his back.  They both put on a happy face and have enjoyed the past year with friends and family and many great memories to enjoy but they have had their trouble along the way.

Jared’s tumors refused to stop growing and they have tried to take over his liver.  His doctors try to halt its growth but it has been a difficult task. Now they are moving to a more invasive treatment that will take six months with intense radiation that is not your typical treatment.

One conversation between Jared and Sharla that depicts the strength of this couple.

Jared:  “I know you didn’t sign up for all of this, we are 3 days out from the wedding and I need you to know that if this is too much then I will understand completely if we need to hold off on the wedding”

Sharla:  “Mention that again and I will take you before the cancer will, I love you, Let’s do this”

The New Treatment

Radiation injections will enter his body through the blood stream to attack the cancer.  This is an all day treatment as they work to clear the radiation out of his system. Too radical to do more than once a month so they will start with 6 months and reassess.  This new treatment has just been FDA approved for use in the USA to battle this type of cancer and hopefully more to come.  With new approved treatment from the FDA the insurance company is slow to cover until they feel it is good for them to do so.  Despite this, they will fight until they can’t fight any longer but that means medical bills that insurance will not cover continue to add up.  This treatment has been approved to start right now in the month of January 2019 and that has prompted me to get this started as the time frame is upon them.

Purpose of This Fundraiser

The reason behind starting this gofundme is that in spite of their insurance, the treatments that are necessary to show the progress or decline in some instances have not been covered. They have come out of pocket as much as they can but are desperately behind and it will only get worse from here on out as the treatments get heavier and longer.  It has been one year since the news of this tragic disease hit this family and they have silently fought asking for zero help and would continue to do so if someone doesn’t step in.  We love their valiant heart to fight and move forward but even Champions need help too.

Jared has worked every day when he feels well enough too but struggles at times and worries he may not allows be able to continue. Because of the rareness of his cancer and the procedures that are called for, their insurance won’t approve some of what is necessary to treat him properly or effectively.

We want to help.

My Plea

I have loved this man for many years and have seen him do amazing things in his life in every aspect you can imagine, and his sweet Sharla is his equal for sure.  I hope that by getting them through this you will get the chance to meet them as well.

I am hoping in some small way to help my friend and brother to not only beat but recover from his cancer. Jared and Sharla both are fighters and have overcome amazing odds, not only in their love but in life as well. My hope is that you will please share this love story for the ages with everyone you know and donate if you can.

Thank you,

They love to rock hound and be out in nature as much as possible.

* Every single dollar donated to this campaign will go directly towards Jared’s fight and recovery, thank you.