Geometric paper rolls, which make your home or business unique. Experience passion & functionality.

Are you bored of uniform design? Aware of situation, where you need to replace old one for a better new one, but you simply cannot, because there is no choice! Do you expect something more, even from regular things like toilet paper, kitchen towels? Something, that can offer way much more, than your regular toilet paper, kitchen towels? That is why we are here, GeRolls!

Do you get mad always when it accidentally unrolls a lot of paper? Or you cannot simply unroll as much as you need? Do you want to have unique design? Would you like to have a freedom of choice? Would you like to choose from different shapes of paper rolls and colors?

How about triangle shaped green kitchen towels with yellow inner paper roll?How about raindrop blue toilet paper with green inner roll?

Colors, shapes, feelings are a part of everyone’s life. It brings joy, excitement and motivation. However, it is not always easy to find what you are looking for. Millions of us usually spend a little fortune to have our households fine tuned to the smallest detail! Kitchen, bathroom is made of tons of parts of furniture, tiles, forks, plates and many more, where everything has to fit. Everything has to be in the proper color, order and has to have a shape, design we were dreaming of BUT at the end you put the old well known white round crumpled paper roll. At that point you may ask yourself, why? Why, have I spent so much effort to create my dream bathroom and kitchen and did not finish it? We bring the answer. Answer, which can pinpoint every and last detail in your beloved house. Let me introduce GeRolls THE Rolls among rolls.


Once upon a time a young man sat up on a public toilet. Bag and coat in one hand, trying to unroll paper with the other. It did not go well. Try as he might, he simply could not tear off the specific amount of paper he needed with one free hand. Instead he ended up frustrated and unsatisfied from an epic battle with a long strip of paper, still fumbling to tear it. Then and there, the young man decided to change it.

Much brainstorming, sketching, and even a little dreaming, gave birth to the concept and vision of GeRolls.
Little has changed in paper products in the past 100 years or more, though we use them every day. We believe that many innovations can still be made related to paper-based consumer and industrial products.While everything around us is changing every single day and everyone of us can choose from millions of new things with different shapes, colors and functionalities, the well known toilet paper, kitchen towels, napkins remain almost the same.

Change is afoot! Help us, and be a part of the brightest idea in the history of the modern paper industry.


Why should you support our campaign?

Let’s look on it with passion, excitement add a little bit of creativity, playful functionality with freedom of choice and comfort to use, where each piece can be used for something without being just thrown to the trash bin!

Rotation is being reduced if the roll is placed against the wall, where flat sides of wounded paper touches the wall. Rotation is being reduce also by inner roll shapes, where each edge allows you to tear off a specific amount of paper with maximum comfort. No more wasted paper in the bathroom or in the kitchen.

Every and single piece from the package will not be wasted. Why to trash package cover all together with unwounded inner core roll, when those parts offer plentiful choices how to playfully use them! Yes, indeed! Fairy tales, cutouts or even math or medieval castle can be printed on the cover, ideal for sparking kid’s imaginations on a rainy day.

How about scope? Yes, why not, put kitchen towel and toilet paper rolls together and attached two lenses, which are included of unique spy kitchen towels package. Just open your mind and enjoy even more complex bonuses, with us!

With us, everything is about to change. We know, We feel and We bring the GeRolls full of surprises, excitement that you’ll look for excuses to .comeback and buy more 😉


To make it to the market, we need experts, machines, and materials. Our contractors have an experienced team to assist us in all phases, from prototypes to production, quality control and logistics to ensure that GeRolls will “roll out” at the promised time and in the proper quality. 

We need YOUR support to crank it up, so we can stock up transportation drones and send them to you and your local stores!

In return, you’ll have the opportunity to use some of the first GeRolls and become a part of this exciting project, literally! We have prepared a nice selection of perks to pique your 

Risks & Challenges

We know that it can’t be all rosy. All projects meet their share of obstacles, even with the pinkest glasses.

Here is an overview of the main risks and challenges we expect:

  • Balancing quality and quantity. Quality control is of course a priority and will need to be fine-tuned to ensure, that the project stays within viable financial limits and meet expectations.
  • Styling(shapes) and selection(colors) will be limited in the beginning, until the optimal range of choice is determined. We expect to go live with at least 3 shape/color combinations.
  • Fun features such as kid-friendly projects from inner rolls/tubes and packaging may not be available in the first batches. We are excited to add these, but only after more fundamental features have been given a fair share of attention and resources.
  • Stocking materials requires a great deal of planning with experts in the industry. We plan to tackle this challenge by dividing up products to specific manufacturers who are best-suited for each task.
  • “Borrowed” facilities are contracted for the first run, with plans to open our own facilities when the project has taken off. This is in place to ensure that the first production phase will stay on time.

We keep YOU as a supporter in touch with GeRolls, and will inform you of any changes or delays.

We believe that together, with YOU and YOUR support, we can produce unique products, overcome any challenges on the way and reach common goals!
Help us, the GeRolls to become truly a game changing product by clicking on “Back it” or “Get this perk” – nice shiny buttons.
Please share a word about us, please share a link, video or our web page!


What’s next?

In part, that’s up to you. 

We’re preparing a GeRolls web portal just for supporters, where you can get up-to-date information about:

  • company evolution
  • business offers
  • production progress
  • innovation project
  • collaboration program

Community means everything. Feedback keeps us in touch with those who support us, and gives us a view of the wide world who will become our market. 


YOU can help us grow, and influence us in a big way. This is an on-going process that we are eager to begin and will be delighted to continue every day at