This is my second attempt to save my parent. I lost my first fight. I was too proud to ask for help and my father died of cancer.  I am very ashamed of asking for help but because of the situation in the world and the limited possibilities of earning money, I have to ask people of a good heart for support. My mother’s disease is still not completely diagnosed, it is probably Quincke’s edema but no one is sure. It is very dangerous for her because during the occurrence of allergies it swells inside, she cannot breathe and must be intubated immediately. She brushed death three times and I don’t know if next not will be the last one. I managed to arrange a place for my mother in a clinic in Dusseldorf in Germany, this is the only and best option recommended for her by doctors. For transportation and stay in this clinic, we need a lot of money, around 100,000 USD. Family and friends have already collected a lot, unfortunately, we still need more. We have two weeks to raise funds so I have hidden my pride deeply and I am asking good people for help.
I am asking you for help so that I can save my last parent’s life. Thank you very much for your help.