I funded another person’s medical emergency for Pulmonary Edema, Lung Transplant, and Cancer to keep him alive.

The person in question claimed to be estranged from all his family and friends, we met on a dating site, and I was catfished.

I sent money through a proxy and the identity of any of the recipients could not be verified, so after a year and a half I decided to report the entire thing to the FBI and cut off contact.

I have now decided it is a scam and that none of it was real. I was scammed out of $150,000 and would like to have it back so I am asking for crowdfunding to help me. These are savings from much of my life. I did what I thought best to help someone in need who would have allegedly died otherwise.

Once I get reimbursed, I will both be able to put this behind me, and use the money for a good cause, donating much of it to other causes via Charity Watch, and continue on the path to a healthy financial future.

Top Causes:

Planned Parenthood

Save the Children

World Wildlife Fund

Jimmy Fund

Autism Speaks