Children Awaiting Parents (The Agency we are using) We are attempting to raise 4000.00 toward adoption fees. We appreciate any one that chooses to donate and thank you from the bottom of our hearts.
So as long as I can remember i have had the desire and dream of someday becoming a Father. For a period of time adopting did not seem like it was going to happen or be possible. So i suppressed the desire figuring, If it was not going to happen, that I would love the neices and nephews I had, as well as my friends kids. However the dream and desire never subsided. I would see such incredible parents, (father’s) and feel sad that, for me it was probably never going to happen. Then i was lucky enough to fall in love and meet George Phillips. So today i am announcing that George and I are starting the adoption process it does take some time,  and there are large adoption expenses, but im excited to soak in the whole process. Im excited that dreams do come true. And i hope that we can take the example of all the incredible fathers and mothers out there that have influenced our lives and provide that to our future children. I would personally like to thank my examples of incredible parenting by naming just a few of the people i have looked up to and thank you for just being yourselves, great parents.