Hello, all!

I am currently enrolled in a program at my school where I am studying occupational therapy, where I have an interest in areas such as music therapy with an array of patients, and outpatient pediatrics.  I have only two and a half more years left of OT school, those two years of which I cannot wait to touch the lives of many and as we would say put the “fun” in functional!

I have been playing guitar since I was only eight years old, and I have been self taught ever since. I pick up a guitar nearly everyday, as it is the most important outlet that I have at the end of my day. My musical interests include instrumental jazz, and progressive music to name a couple.

I am asking for any contribution of any size to purchase the guitar of my dreams. In our time, everyone knows just how expensive college is not to mention graduate programs such as the one I am in. I work part time at the moment, however only enough to cover most important expenses while attending school. I have been dreaming of being able to own one of these instruments for years, and I wish to be able to record more music while I am in school and be able to truly keep my dream of music continuing throughout the rest of my life.

Thank you so much for reading, even if you decide you do not wish to contribute or if you cannot, it means the world that you’ve read this all!

Tyler Watts, OT/s