Baby Easton Mark was born to Jeff and Ashley on March 22, 2019 at 2:38pm. During delivery, Eason’s heart rate began to drop and he was unable to breathe on his own. He was rushed to the NICU at Sanford Hospital. Easton has been through a lot in the first month of his life. He has had many MRIs EEGS, EKGS, sweat test, and x-rays. At 3 weeks old Easton had surgery to remove part of his intestines and appendix. He was later diagnosed with Hirschsprung Disease and underwent another surgery to remove his colon and part of his small intestine. Jeff and Ashley are still waiting for answers and waiting on the results from a genetic test to confirm CCHS (Congenital Central Hypoventilation Syndrome).  Easton remains in the NICU with no anticipated date for discharge.
Jeff and Ashley have been relying on their faith in God, family, and friends to help them through this difficult time. This GoFundMe was set up to help offset any medical cost and also to help with the added expenses of spending the days and nights up at the NICU with Easton.