##Education is the key to success in life!!!##  I am starting a Back to School Educational fundraising campaign for these six young people in this photo. They have been out of school since January 2020 of this year and have not been able to return this fall season. (September– December 2020) partly due to the covid -19 pandemic challenge as well as lack of efficient funds.  They really desire and want to go back to school and pursue their education;   however the  money needed to pay for their school fees is not available. In order for these young people to have a better future, they need to go back to school. This fundraiser is to assist them with their educational expenses.

Standing from left to right is Alex, Dare, Tomiwa, Jennifer, Samson and Sewa Oladejo.  I have included what they are studying and majoring in and their individual tuition fees. These young people are eagerly awaiting their return to school! They are in need of these funds by the end of December 2020,  so that they can begin in the New Year, January  2021.  We thank you in advance for all of your financial support. It will be greatly appreciated! Many Blessings and Prayers be upon you!! This is NOT a scam!! This is for Real!!