Bayon Distillery is bringing the art and science of Western craft distilling to Cambodia. And in doing so, we are training Cambodians in skilled jobs – and supplying a whole new market for farmers (mangoes, cashews, tamarind, durian ….), providing a new marketing opportunities for a dying palm sugar industry, and a new avenue of economic growth for Cambodia. And for the Western world – we are introducing the fresh tropical fruit and spices of Cambodia through our craft distilled products !

Helping Us Help Cambodia

Be part of our project to help us help Cambodia by retaining agricultural profits in Cambodia, by introducing high paying skilled jobs for Cambodians, and by introducing a whole new industry (craft distilling) and vastly improving old ones (e.g. palm sugar processing).

A Brief History

I conceived this idea in 2005 while attending a wine class at Clear Creek Distillery in Portland, Oregon.  After trying their amazing pear brandy, and talking to Dennis McCarthy – a legendary figure in the craft distilling industry – I realized all I needed was the right place for the fruit, and the right person for a partner !

Flash to 2013 – while visiting Cambodia to attend a wedding, I met RJ, my Cambodian partner. While drinking a bottle of pear brandy I had brought with me, we discussed mangoes and other tropical fruits.  RJ is not only a US college graduate – he has his own mango and fruit farms in Cambodia.  And most importantly, he has a strong drive to help his fellow Cambodians and to help develop his native country.

What we’ve done

By 2014 we had begun perfecting our recipes with a small still, and by 2015 had formed our company.  In 2016, we brought in a professional US distiller from Portland, Oregon to begin employee training.  We have partnered with a major US importer of craft spirits and US distributor.  We are now near completion of our building, and we are in the process of importing commercial craft distilling equipment from around the world.

What we Need

We’ve had a  500 liter copper still custom built in China by a leader in craft distilling equipment.  We need an additional $19,375 to pay off the balance, ship, and install it in our new building in Sihanoukville Province, Cambodia.  There is nothing like it in Cambodia; and will allow us to immediately begin full production of our mango and cashew fruit brandies, as well as our palm sugar rhum.

Invest in our project and receive some of our unique and exclusive Cambodian perks !

The Impact

Cambodia is a third world country, but is rich in agricultural products. Most of these are not yet processed in Cambodia.  Because of the lack of infrastructure, they are shipped to Thailand or Vietnam, where the bulk of the profits go.  Bayon Distillery – a Cambodian company – is not only adding brand new infrastructure to Cambodia, it is retaining the profits in Cambodia as well.

Some of the profits will go to employees paid well above the national rate for factory or agricultural workers; and the rest will go to future infrastructure projects, such as a cashew processing plant.

Risks & Challenges

Although we have proofed (sorry !) many of our ideas, concepts, and recipes over the last 3 years, we have not operated at full scale yet.  And although our spirits have been beta tested repeatedly through multiple tastings, there is no guarantee that they will be accepted by the US market.  Mangoes, palm sugar, tamarind, mangosteen …. they are all exotic fruits that relatively few Americans have tried.  But we think it is the very exotic nature of Cambodia’s fruits and spices that will be it’s biggest draw !

Other Ways You Can Help

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  • Get the word out !  Even if you can’t contribute, you may have friends of family that can.
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