Let me start by saying to do this I had to swallow my pride and ask for help, not something that I do that often.  On August 16th 2019 I went into hospital for an operation on my ankle to allow me to continue working, it was a day surgery operation. On August the 18th I woke up and felt a lump on my neck just under the jawline on the right side. I rang 111 and was told to give it a week as it could be a side effect of the ankle operation. After a week I went to my Dr who sent me to the local hospital ASAP where I was sent to have a biopsy on the lymph node that was enlarged. After a couple of weeks of scans and xrays I was told that I had HPV cancer of the tonsils. Since I have had 2 major operations to remove both tonsils and 33 lymph nodes and now I have finished my  Radiotherapy and at home recovering from the side effects of it.

I have been on full sick pay from my employer but that has now finished and  now I am using  my small savings which is all but gone. I am only asking for  enough funding to allow me to recover fully so I am able to get back to work as a full time Handyman, without having the financial worry of where I will get the money to pay the bills. This is the first time that I have ever asked for help and find it very hard to do, but I need time to recover from Radiotherapy and it’s side effects and still don’t have a return date back to fulltime work as yet.  Also any monies leftover after I have covered my financial outgoings and back at working fulltime earning a wage again, I will donate to a Head & Neck Cancer charity to help beat this awful disease.

Any help will be greatly appreciated and if you could share this that also would be much appreciated. Thanks in advance for anything that you do in helping me defeat this cancer.
Wayne Antaw