Chicken in Love

A unique photographic metaphor of the wonderful diversity that enriches the world of love today.

Chickens too can fall in love regardless of gender, breed or nationality. This incredible freedom has been captured through the eyes of photographers Moreno Monti and Matteo Tranchellini, in sensational photographs bound within the pages of a premium quality coffee table.

Giving unconventional love its correct exposure.

While attending international bird shows to photograph some of the worlds most beautiful chickens, Moreno and Matteo noticed that these wonderful animals began to naturally pair up regardless of sex, breed, age or nationality. This free and easy attitude reminded

the photographers of the diversity that exists today in human couples, who sometimes find it difficult or impossible to manifest their sentiments because of cultural attitudes and taboos. Intrigued by the way chickens are also drawn to each other without worrying about conventional restrictions, the two artists decided to share this intuition with the world through an unusual coffe table book that would be amazing to admire and stimulating to observe.