Last month we got the chance to travel to Mubende in Uganda. While visiting different places in and outside the city, We noticed many kids in streets during school hours. Talking to my friends who born and live there we found out that sending kids to school is not as easy as we thought It should be! There are monthly school fees that parents should pay in order to enrol their kids in school. This monthly fee can range between 10£ to more than 25£ per kid (In addition to the fee for school supplies). Although 10£ might seems a small amount of money that most of us spend daily, it is huge amount of money for many families in Uganda. As a result, many parents can’t afford to send their kids to school. We have the chance to met people who are involve in Kids education in Mubende and they put us in touch with a school teacher who gave us information about school needs and families who need help with school tuition fees.

After gathering this information, We felt like we should do something even if it is a small change. We strongly believe having education is one of the most important factors that can help us having better future. It doesn’t only affect the people who live in Mubende, it affect all of us, living in different cities all over the world.

We are planning to gather £1400 (and hopefully more) to fund tuition fee for 10 kids and purchase of school supplies.  Since we want to make sure all the money will be used for this purpose we are going to directly be in touch with the school in which my friend who is a school teacher is working.  The rest of money (After paying for 10 kid’s tuition fee for whole year) will be used for school supplies. All the receipts for the tuition fees and school supplies will be available and it will be uploaded here.

If you also think each child should have the right to go to school, learn to read and write and make this world a better place please join me to make this happen! You can simply help to pay one month of tuition fee for one kid by donating your coffee or lunch money.

Thank you in advance for your generosity!
You are making this world a better place!

Kind Regards
Aiiboy & Emma