The book is a collection of several hundred poems. These poems appeal to children of all ages, from early readers on.  There are all sorts of different characters and perspectives.  All of these poems contain a positive, hopeful spin on the world… plus a little zany silliness. There’s the one about Alexander, the world’s first vegetarian lion. There are several about animals of all shapes and sizes. One of our favorites is about a pirate and a ninja who decide to switch jobs for a while.  And let’s not forget the story of a small child’s pet dragon… who is not quite what he seems. Imaginations can do that.

Right after the birth of our son, my wife and I started working on a small collection of poems that we hoped we could one day read to him at bedtime. Our goal was to get him excited about reading, lifelong learning, growing up, having an imagination, and just being new in the world. What started off as a small scale personal project that we hoped might eventually yield a single hand-bound book slowly evolved into a larger and larger project that we decided we wanted to share.

From our initial handful of poems, we’ve now formed a collection of several hundred. We really think that there are stories here worth telling. Some are silly; some are heartfelt. It is our hope that this book becomes a small part of the nightly bedtime ritual for families all around, and that it helps inspire the next generation of readers.