…the fun to begin!

I’m Chloe Hennessee and I’m a 17-year-old singer-songwriter from New York City. I have been writing songs from the moment I started playing the guitar and ukulele at the age of 7.          Music has always been my passion, and the new songs I will be recording for this project are deeply personal to me and, in my opinion, are my best yet. I can’t wait to share them with you!

Back in 2017, I won the NYC Teen Songwriting Competition sponsored by Guitar Mash and the NYC Mayor’s Office of Media and Entertainment. Since that moment, my musical journey has taken off! I won or placed in other song writing contests and performed at major events with well-established musicians such as Justin Guarini, Fernandito Ferrer, Victoria Vox, Monica Rizzio, Gregory Harrington, and Mark Stewart (Paul Simon). In addition, I became one of the youngest artists to be sponsored by both Martin Guitars and Ohana Ukuleles

Through all of this excitement, I have continued to write. The songs on my last album,“Ups & Downs,” are quite different from my more recent ones. While “Ups & Downs” employs fairly standard rock band instrumentation (i.e., guitar, bass, drums, keys), I hear something different for my new album. I have already spent several hours with my dad and producer/sound technician, Wayne Silver of The Ice Plant studio, exploring all the crazy sounds and beats in my head (and finding new ones!) and we are making great progress!

I have also chosen to do something different with the release of this album. Rather than record, mix, master, etc. the entire album and release it all at once at some later date, I have decided to do what’s called “Drip Content.” What this means is I’ll release one single per month from February through September. That way, you’ll start hearing my new songs sooner, rather than later. Think of it as viewing a really cool series on Netflix the way it was meant to be viewed rather than binge watching it! That being said, when all the songs are completed, they will live in a collection that will be “the album.”

As I’m sure you are aware, making an album is expensive. The money goes so many places. Listed below are just some:

  • Recording studio time and song production
  • Hiring musicians…rehearsing and recording
  • Mixing
  • Mastering
  • Artwork for each single (that will ultimately make up the album cover)
  • Aggregation of music (CD Baby for distribution to Spotify, iTunes, etc.). 
  • Promotion of each single upon release – to hopefully get my songs on playlists, TV shows, etc. Basically heard by all the right people!
  • And more!

We have crunched the numbers and think we can manage the cost if we are able to raise 10K from crowdfunding to supplement. That’s where you come in!

This is my second favorite part (after making music of course). PERKS! I have been looking at different perks for my supporters and have some really cool ideas. We’re doing stickers, t-shirts (and crop-tops!) for a start. In addition, I will be doing a limited number of signed artwork & photos from the single releases. Ohana Ukuleles has also generously offered to provide 3 ukulele packages – autographed by yours truly. You can also book me for a house concert and I will perform all the songs from the album and more (New York City area only…unless you’re going to fly me and my dad to your location 🙂

Please take a look at the perks and make a contribution that works for you. Every little bit helps and there is definitely strength in numbers. I am all about grassroots fundraising!

Once you contribute, you will automatically be part of the making of this album and will receive behind-the-scenes photos and video, as well as frequent updates on how things are moving along.

Other ways to help if you can’t contribute

You can also be a part of the journey by sharing this page and interacting with me throughout the recording process and beyond. If there are people in your network that you feel would be interested in supporting me, please help get the word out and make some noise!

*Please keep in touch. I’ll be posting behind-the-scenes updates to keep everyone involved in the process. Find me on FacebookInstagram, and my website.