Welcome to the WAR of 2055!

In this campaign, you’ll find ISSUE ONE in my first self-published series. I have been working on this massive story and adapting it over 10 years in multiple formats and decided to make this story a reality for everyone who loves expansive stories. Imagine a story akin to that of Blade Runner meets Star Wars. This story is meant to be action-packed, fun, and gritty. It explores an alternative reality where history is deleted and nearly forgotten.

I have teamed up with artist TIRSO LLANETA, who is penciling and inking the pages. A variant cover and print is in work by award-winning artist TONY WASHINGTON.

You have multiple choices to choose from when you are making your purchase, from one issue to variant covers and the print. If you like the work you see, you may opt for the “ALL-IN” package for everything including any future perks.

This comic is intended for mature readers. I can’t wait to hear from you.

Short Summary

In 2055, the NEW UNITED EMPIRE (NUE) reigns supreme as an elite authoritarian technocracy in the new world. Eight cities are known as UTOPIAS and maintain fifty-foot walls to protect the “UTOPIANS” from the War of Generations where the NUE wages war against the “REVOLUTIONARY GLADIATORS” using soldiers, assassins, and bounty hunters. Beyond the Utopias is No Man’s Land, where the free people are known as the “FORGOTTEN” are rounded up. If you run, you will find yourself in the war between deadly assassins and conflicted bounty hunters vying for your contract.

The story picks up as the last free city for the Forgotten falls. As the NUE lay siege to the city, two scavengers, JORDAN and TONY, find a lost treasure forgotten by the NUE. Soon after, they are hunted by the deadly General and his squad of soldiers.

STRETCH GOAL 1: At $25,000.00: I will have 10 pages added to the book for a total of 32 pages.

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STRETCH GOAL 2: At $75,000.00: All backer issues will be signed by me.

STRETCH GOAL 3: At $100,000.00: Issue 1 will be a limited release to all backers, while the whole series will be upgraded to a graphic novel and shipped to all backers for FREE.

What We Need & What You Get

I’m asking for $500 to pay for the initial printing of the book and the print. The book will be a 105lb text gloss cover with a 70lb text gloss interior, Print will be gloss. I am shipping worldwide for all comic/ story lovers.  Art is in work with an expected completion date of June 1, 2020 and a delivery date of September 1, 2020, due to the current world situation. If the timeline changes, I will update you as soon as I know.

Currently, there are 6 perks.

Perk #1 – One (1) physical copy of CHRONICLES OF WAR #1A comic Standard Cover.

Perk #2 – One (1) physical copy of CHRONICLES OF WAR #1B comic, Tony Washington Variant cover.

Perk #3 – One (1) physical copy of CHRONICLES OF WAR #1A comic and one (1) Tony Washington 11×18 Print.

Perk #4 – Two (2) physical copies of CHRONICLES OF WAR #1A and B comic (Standard Cover and Tony Washington Variant) and one (1) Tony Washington 11×18 Print.

Perk #5 – Retail Package – 10 physical copies of CHRONICLES OF WAR #1A comic and four (4) Tony Washington 11×18 Print.

Perk #6 – ALL IN PACKAGE – One (1) physical copy of CHRONICLES OF WAR #1A comic (Standard Cover),  One (1)  physical copy of CHRONICLES OF WAR #1B comic (Tony Washington Variant cover), and One (1) Tony Washington 11×18 Print. Plus any future perks. Further, you will have your name forever immortalized within the covers of the book within the “Thank You” page.

The campaign is for a B&W book with a total page count of 28.