So…for those that have followed our story…WE MADE IT TO THE OTHER SIDE OF TRANSPLANT! Through strokes, being on a ventilator more than once, and many visits to the ICU, we made it!

I received the ultimate gift on Sept 28 – a kidney and pancreas – and the promise of a future with my 4 boys and wife.

I have started my path to recovery but I could use a bit of help to make things easier and reduce any stress for my wife and boys.

I will be in the hospital for at least another week and then need to remain near the hospital for up to a month for daily, then every other day, testing to watch for rejection. The closest transplant hospital was almost 4 hours from home.

This means lodging and time off work for my wife, along with any issues that come up around childcare. She has been my caregiver and is the sole income provider for our family of 6. While we have been very fortunate, a donor match came much more quickly than expected…I was fully activated on the transplant list less than a week before getting “the call.”

My wife needs to stay in a hotel with me near the hospital and does not have enough paid time off for this.

Anything will help and go directly to recovery expenses. If there is more than we need, excess will be donated to promote organ donation. If you can’t spare a donation, please share! Anything that can be done to raise awareness about organ donation is appreciated!


Charley Cooper