I want to raise funds to open a homemade made to order chocolates business producing chocolates and fudge in a commercial kitchen, open the shop and expand the business to do good for others.  I want to mentor and train youth and others and provide employment opportunities to people that they may not otherwise have available to them.

This expansion will allow us to produce and sell on a nationwide level.  Our marketing plan consists of selling from our own location, placing our chocolates in small businesses, selling on Ebay and Amazon and additional social media outlets.  We envision over time, being able to offer many mentoring/employment opportunities to youth and others that will positively impact individuals and families.  We will need the help to keep up with the demand as we move the business forward.

I want to provide a healthy, supportive and fun environment to work in so they can enjoy going to work every day and develop a passion for business and creativity.  I am already selling products and registered and licensed with the Minnesota Department of Agriculture.

I want to move this venture forward and will use the money from the pledges to get into a commercial kitchen, open the shop so I can provide these opportunities as soon as possible and do good for the community and positively impact individuals and families.

Risks and challenges

The only risk I can think of is how long might it take to ramp up income to provide these opportunities that I will provide. It could take a year but I have a great marketing plan to go nationwide with the product offering which will hopefully speed up sales so I can offer opportunities as soon as possible. My goal is to begin offering opportunities within 6 months to at least 1 person.