This project is to bring awareness to Wooden Writers and to bring our customized features to the public. There are not many wood turners who provide such a wide range of customization. Our products have been around for some time, but are not well known. There are many options to choose from, the type of pen, design, color, different types of wood, acrylic, stone, and also the option to engrave a certain name or image. It’s a really cool thing to bring to the market and especially when not many people are aware of high-end pens. People are amazed by how many different types of wood there are. There is a lot of beauty when carving wood and to see the final finish. The wood really shows its true grains and color, making it one of a kind and definitely one to keep. A true touch of nature.

When we sold our products in the college of business at Northern Illinois University, customers came back and loved it. Some had even bought multiple wooden pens for gifts or just for themselves. We haven’t gotten a bad review and we hope we don’t. After one semester, revenue was over $2000 and it was a success. Selling in a university is difficult especially when college students are broke and usually can’t afford to buy a $30-40 pen, but when thinking two factors that don’t usually go together, go together you know you’ve found a niche market and it sells!

We plan to continue this business by selling to business owners, managers, doctors, accountants, lawyers and people wearing suits. We will mainly do this by traveling on foot building to building promoting our products and increasing our salesmanship. We also plan on going to multiple fairs and sell to wholesale shops. We will also sell and advertise online where we have our website

******If you have not used a fountain pen, rollerball is the way to go******