Hello and thank you for visiting my page. My name is Darryl Wilson, and I am the owner of D’Concierge Events. I have started this GoFundMe page because I am calling on my friends and family to help me on the last leg of starting a creative summer camp for kids called D’Concierge 25: Building our Legacy. Our camp will be aimed at young boys and girls ages seven to thirteen in the great city of Houston, Texas.

The camp will allow the kids to tap into their creative side! It is our desire to help mold the next generation of great Florists, Photographers, Designers, Chefs and Performers. This camp is designed to have a clear focus on creative industries. Our little creative camp goers can expect to make new friends, learn new skills, and create new memories. A typical camp day will begin at eight in the morning and last until three o’clock in the afternoon. Two meals and a snack will be provided. At the end of each camp session, the kids will demonstrate their learnings by producing a mini gala for their families to attend. Yes, we are going to show off all of the amazing things that they have learned over the week. Because I am so passionate about opening the imagination of our young people, I am putting up $5,000 of my own money to start the program, but that is simply not enough. And that’s why I need you! Reaching our goal will allow us to offer twenty-five scholarships to kids in the 3rd ward area. YOU can help make sure that 25 kids get to attend the camp for free! Camp Dates: June 4 – 8 and 18-22, 2018. This scholarship opportunity will be open to ALL families. The best lesson I’ve learned in business is that no one can do it alone! And that’s why I NEED YOU!