Our dear Forrest tragically left us in October. Since then, Bernadette, Forrest’s Mom, has been struggling to keep up with the monetary challenges of a loved one’s death. Due to the time it took to plan a proper burial for her son, she lost her job in the process. This has only been an added stress to an already paralyzing experience.
Forrest was her only true family and she has been left to deal with everything on her own. I am asking all of you that knew Forrest and were touched by his  infectious laugh and magnificent smile to help Bernadette give him a beautiful headstone to mark his grave and to alleviate the other hardships that come with a great loss.
Anything helps!
Bernadette has been left with two cars, one that has already been taken by the back by the bank and will be auctioned off. If the bank does not sell it for what is owed, she will have to pay the rest. In addition, Forrest had just bought a house through Home-wise, that she is struggling to keep up payments on. Due to contractual obligation, the house can’t be sold or rented. It has been 5 months since her tragic loss and she is still unable to find employment just yet.
On top of dealing with her sons debt and funeral costs, she is trying to get her things back from Dubai (where she was working)
and can’t find the money to bring it all back home – moving costs alone are 5,000.

Those of you that did not know Forrest but still would like to donate, here is a little bit about him:
He was a wonderfully emotional being. Forrest felt more than most of us ever get the chance to. When he loved, he loved with his whole heart and nothing less.
Forrest had many hobbies, and I believe most of them can be included in the following ; his love of cars and motorcycles, his passion for music, and his need to always be up on fashion trends or making his own.
His friend Kara has described him by saying “Forrest is Extra” which is absolutely true and in the best way possible. I’m not sure how to explain “Extra” without going into detail. So, I’ll start with the cars. Forrest has 3 cars and 2 motorcycles which he worked on himself. His garage is just filled with cars, car parts, tools, motorcycles, motorcycle parts, more tires than I’d like to count. He was also a bit of a snob when it came to what he considered to be a nice car. Example, I drove a Dodge Neon and he once told me he would never drive with me in that car because…well it’s a neon and he didn’t want to be seen in it ( I don’t blame him). It made me laugh then and still brings a smile to my face. Forrest could also be brat like that.
His music! He was a Casanova and a seriously beautiful musician. And not just because he could play multiple instruments and had a uniquely gruff voice, but because he truly felt the music. As a listener and audience, it was a magnificent display of palpable emotion. When he would play a song that spoke to him, he would cry….or he would laugh. In the recordings of his music that he left behind, you can hear him tear up while singing a love song or giggle when he’s having a good time. His laugh… I wish it was possible to put into words what it was like listening to him laugh because it was infectious, genuine and childlike. Being around Forrest just made you feel good. His love enveloped you into safety.