DETECTIVES, about consequences, ethics and learning to live again. It is about blessings in the midst of grief. It is a story demonstrating that healing isn’t always a destination, but a journey with bumps and twists along the way. And the fact that family is more than just blood. Stories with strong women and strong men need to be told. And that is why we think you will want to be apart of this amazing journey! We have cool shirts, hoodies, coasters and more!

I’m Evie Marie Warner. I am a writer, producer  and director who has made several short films. I just got done doing a Kickstarter in September that raised $1,000 to help create the short film 15 Minutes.  We were a small group with just two scenes and production costs were relatively low.

With 15 Minutes, my team took on the taboo subject of a male sexual assault victims. We did a short film about a male victim of rape. You can read more about that here.

I confronted the subject about male victims long befor Kevin Spacey was exposed as targetting boys and young men.  I wanted to tell the story I knew wasn’t getting  told. My current script features a group of co-workers and friends whose lived have been forever changed by gun violence.  When I started writing it a year ago I could not have imagined how much these issues would be on the forefront of everyones minds.

I hope this show will help continue that conversation and in some small way help to continue the converstaton on gun control and gun violence in America.

With this show show, I’m setting my sights on going bigger with another amazing and talented cast and crew to bring the new web series, Detectives, Inc to life! I Have no doubt you will fall in love with the characters and their journey as much as we have!

Private investigator Quentin Royal  (played by Scandal alum Philip Asta) lost his girlfriend and co-worker, Annette in an office shooting . This sets him on a self-destructive path that often puts himself and others at risk.  A year later the mysterious, seemingly naive Claire joins the group as an office admin. She immediatly clashes with Royal over his reckless behavior and questionable legal tacts.

While Royal spirals out of control, the other members of the team struggle to deal with the death in their own way. No longer handling cheating spouse cases they focus on bringing hope and justice to those in need.  They tackle dog fighting, a local kingpin, and human trafficking.  For Royal, the hardest case to unravel, might himself.

It is estimated we will need as much as $50,000 to make a full pilot episode?


When shooting this pilot we are going to have some big  expenses: 

  1. We are doing this SAG-AFTRA
  2. Location, Insurance and Permits.
  3. Crew
  4. Food

Doing SAG  means that all our actors need to be paid! And we wouldn’t have any other way.

We have to get locations, insurance and permits.  Locations in some cases might cost us as much as $1,000 a day.  People volunteering to let us shoot in their space will help keep costs down!

​​Locations, location insurance and, filming permits are going to be a huge part of our budget. If location space is $1,000 a day and we do a fourteen day shoot, then that right there is $14,000.   And don’t forget we also have to pay our crew and feed everyone. We are actively looking at ways we can reduce and still bring our supporters a quality project.

If we do not reach our entire goal it doesn’t necessarily mean the show can’t be made, but we may need to make adjustments to the story we wanted to tell. We could possibly make a high quality  proof of concept and use it to raise additional funds to make the entire one hour episode and in the end, everyone would still get any awards they were promised.

Main Cast and Characters: 

Philip Asta as Quentin Royal:

Philip is a an experienced SAG-AFTRA actor with both credits in film, television, and stage. He has studies both the Alexander Technique and the Meisner Technique. He graduated Cum Laude from Miamia University with a B.F.A in Theatre Arts.

Hilary Barraford as Claire Jones: 

Hilary has appeared on TV as well as in feature films, short films, commercials and even a live sports broadcast for a season for the Single A affiliate of the World Champion Boston Red Sox.  She has experienced both behind and in front of the camera. She has a slew of projects in post production and can currently be seen on Amazon Prime in The Ice Cream Truck. 

We have several rewards that are digital and will be made available to Indiegogo backers the moment we reach our goal.  Other rewards will be sent out once funds are transfered from Indiegogo.  The only rewards that will take longer are copies of the pilot episode which will not be available until we have wrapped on shooting.

Here are some of the rewards that we think are unique and we think you will enjoy them the most. 

Coasters, tees and hoodies and more!

Royal has a love of vinyl and listens to often as work.  These coasters pay homage to that also look pretty sweet! We are also creating a personalized fridgerator magnet that will feature the fictional detective agencies business motto and am working with  an Etsy shop owner.  They will provide us with beautiful engraved stemless stainless steel wine glasses like the one pictured here . *

We even have one of the kind art print that will feature in the show and like the mug and the coasters, was specificly designed to bring for use in the show.

*mock image.  Final product might have varions.

But of courseless we have many other movie digital rewards.  Most rewards are available right after funding ends, but a few will wait until next year when filming is wrapped.

The Impact

We know there many campaigns out there that you can give to.  Your generation gift will allow us to continue to create art and employ people in the business of making movies.  We also want to tell another story similar to 15 Minutes.   We also think it is great that there not many shows out there featuring single dads raising a child on their own.  But ours will and will also feature women in roles we don’t always get to see in action television shows. The women aren’t going to be helpless, just waiting for the men to rescue them.

We will also get to see two type femininity in the women.  Hailey is the tomboy while Claire is a little more girly.  Just because you are what sociaty might label a tomboy, doesn’t mean you aren’t feminin.  These women are defining femininity on their own terms!

We also hope that people who are grieving and struggling with loss will take inspirationg from story where we are creating.

Risks & Challenges

I have made four short films. I have experienced pipes bursting that require  a last minute change in film locations.  Also, actors ghosting me, people not showing up and footage getting deleted.  You learn from each experience and make a game plan to lesson the impact of all these things to keep production running smoothly.

Creative endeavors like this one are a team effort and by putting together a solid crew, I know we can face each and every challenge.

Other Ways You Can Help

  • Please share our campaign with others!
  • Let us know if you can help with possible locations or providing food one day for the cast and crew.

And that’s all there is to it.