UPDATE:  Please know that when rewards say, “lower-48” that this is only what is in our budget to travel to in our goal.  If international people, or US outlying territories want to be part of this, that is alright.  If we are enough over our goal to travel, we will.  If we are not, we will Zoom / Skype to interview them.

The Bike That Goes Nowhere

Stories from the Peloverse

Think of this film as MTV’s Road Rules meets Trekies or Best of Show with the production style of MTV’s Catfish (the series).  All of the personalities involved in the user base across the Peloton Universe, where they live, how they ride, and the environments they create along the way.

Not only will this crew of four (Ty Audronis, his lifelong friend Scott Parker, Milla the Dog, and Ty’s Peloton Bike) travel across the country to interview users, but the story of their journey will be the overarching story.  Each user (Ty selects to interview), will be interviewed on camera.  Their story told.  Ty will even offer to unload his Peloton from the travel trailer, and do a live ride along side them (on camera… and ask even more questions).

The goal?  Travel across ALL of the lower 48-states and interview Peloton riders there.  To show how amazing, how funny, how triumphant, and even how silly the community can be.  What is so different about this Bike that Goes Nowhere that sets it apart from all exercise fads before it?  It’s become a sort of religion to many.  So how does this Cult of Peloton keep building and feeding on itself?

We will not only interview users, but leaders in the community from the major groups, including Crystal and Tom from “The Clip Out” (a Peloton-related podcast), and many more.  We also hope to interview John Foley (the CEO of Peloton), and as many instructors as we can when we make our stop in NY, NY.


In addition to producing the movie, we will be conducting a behind the scenes live stream to some contributors (please check the rewards for each level of support).  Additionally though, we will also be releasing a public highlight every week to a youTube channel to build interest in the final release of the movie.  Some of our live streams will be edited for the public channel; but the raw unfiltered, and unadulterated versions of our production and daily struggles and triumphs will be up for contributors to see as the journey progresses!  Everything from purchasing our supplies and home for a year all the way through to moments before our live in-person premiere!  You will get to see the entire process of how the movie is made!

The Personnel Involved

  •  Ty Audronis – Over 25 years of experience in filmmaking, Ty has worked on productions for Discovery, Investigation Discovery, History, Travel, Sci, California Academy of Sciences, and several other movies and television shows.  Ty is now a single empty-nester, so he has zero issues dropping his apartment, and traveling across the country to work on this project.  He also owns every bit of video gear necessary to shoot, edit, and distribute a full feature-length production (greatly decreasing the budget).  Ty is also the Founder, and one of the Admins for “The Tour” (one of the leading Peloton groups of riders which has grown to over 14,000 members in only 5-months).  Ty’s story is well known in the Peloton community, and he believes that telling more people’s story would be an amazing legacy.
  •  Scott Parker – Ty’s friend of 27 years, Scott has been along Ty’s side from the moment Ty ventured into the media world, and has worked as Ty’s assistant on many productions, including some which have won many awards.  Scott is new to the Peloton world, and in a way the audience will see his Peloton story unfold on screen.  Ty and Scott’s arguments and debates are legendary, and should make for interesting on-screen entertainment.
  •  Milla (the Dog) – Milla is a terrier / border-collie mix who is adorable and tender one moment, and hyper the next.  Milla is Ty’s dog, and an essential part of his life.  Everyone who knows Ty understands who Milla is, and she will make for an amazing on-screen presence.
  •  Ty’s Peloton (Bike) – Ironically, in this production called “The Bike That Goes Nowhere” there is a bike that will literally go everywhere.  Much like a traveling gnome, Ty intends to break out his Peloton and ride at major landmarks all across the US (using an extension cord to the trailer, and a wifi hotspot from his Verizon account).  This bike will become a character in the story, and be part of interviews across the USA.  Interviewees will sign the bike at every location.

Currently Planned Destinations (In Order – Total Estimated Miles: 18,063)

Katy TX   Dallas TX   San Antonio TX   Roswell NM   Santa Fe NM   Albuquerque NM   El Paso TX   Tucson AZ   Phoenix AZ   Sedona AZ   Grand Canyon AZ   Las Vegas NV   San Diego CA   Los Angeles CA   San Francisco CA   Sacramento CA   Reno NV   Chico CA   Eureka CA   medford OR   Portland OR   Seattle WA   Butte MT   Boise ID   Salt Lake City UT   Grand Junction CO   Teec Nos Pos AZ   Colorado Springs CO   Denver CO   Boulder CO    Yellowstone SD   Bismark ND   Minneapolis MN   Green Bay WI   Milwaukee WI   Chicago IL   Detroit MI   Columbus OH   Indianapolis IN   Louisville KY   St. Louis MO   Des Moines IA   Lincoln NE   Kansas City KS   Oklahoma City OK   Little Rock AR   Memphis TN   New Orleans LA   Pensacola FL   Nashville TN   Roanoke VA   Charleston WV   Pittsburgh PA   Niagara Falls NY   Augusta ME   Concord NH   Boston MA   Providence RI   New Haven CT   New York NY   Philadelphia PA   Atlantic City NJ   Rehobothy Beach DE   Washington DC   Richmond VA   Virginia Beach VA   Atlanta GA   Jacksonville FL   Orlando FL   Miami Beach FL   Tampa FL   Tallahassee FL   Montgomery AL

Budget Breakdown

In the interest of transparency, we are including the entire budgetary breakdown below so you can see where your money will go!  The first question you may ask:  “why no RV campground fees?”  Simple; we plan to exploit Wal-Mart’s policy on allowing RV parking at no charge across the country.  On the rare occasion we will need a campground, we will dip into the slush fund.