From the forest trails of Oulu, Finland we bring you Fasciawear, the most innovative sportswear you have ever worn. Fasciawear is designed by the runners for the runners, it is a innovation by Marika Heiskanen. Marika, a keen runner herself, Master in Health Science & physiotherapist specializes in ergonomics and treating problems of the musculoskeletal system.

Understanding what bad posture and non-optimal movement patterns can cause, Marika came up with the idea of a training outfit that is easy to use without professional help, looks great and feels super comfortable and most importantly, helps the wearer to maintain good posture and optimal movement patterns during exercise to enjoy training, avoid injuries and improve their level of performance.

The idea of Fasciawear was born. Fasciawear is an elastic and comfortable exercise outfit. Its resistance bands run along the fascial lines activating muscles, increasing exercise efficiency and strengthening the body’s tensegrity.


Fasciawear is the only sportswear that, as you wear it, has a full body impact. Regular sports clothing may look good, but do not really affect your performance in anyway. Compression clothing on the other hand do usually have some functional impact as well, but it is limited to the part of the body covered by the clothing. Fasciawear’s uniqueness comes from the stimulation it provides to the fascia network in your body. By enforcing how the fasciae work naturally, you will benefit from the full body effect that only Fasciawear will provide.


Your brand new Fasciawear will be shipped starting March 2019. Please help us share the joy of training and check back for potential extra perks.


After 5 years of research and development and multiple prototype rounds we are now ready to start production of Fasciawear. With the funds we are raising we are able to purchase the needed materials, pay for the production and deliver Fasciawear to our backers, so that you can enjoy training even more. Successful campaign will also enable us to start designing more unique sportswear items for all you sports enthusiasts.


Fasciawear activates, supports and guides

The concept behind Fasciawear is based on the suit’s inbuilt resistance bands that run along the fasciae of the body. The resistance bands strengthen the function of fascial lines stimulating the proprioseptors within fasciae and improve the sensation of posture and movement. This in turn helps in muscle activation and keeping good posture and guides towards natural movement. You will learn to move more efficiently and the risk of injury will decrease.

Exercise more efficiently with Fasciawear

The most important benefits of Fasciawear are the increased activation of deep core muscles, increase of motoric control and the support it gives during difficult and straining exercises. All this will increase your performance and help prevent sports injuries. Fasciawear allows the body to give more needed feedback to the brain for improving motoric skills and will help your body to remember most optimal posture and movement.


  • Learn to move more energy efficiently
  • Reduce your risk of getting sports injuries
  • Speed up your recovery time from exercise
  • Increases workout impact
  • Improves body awareness
  • Improves motion control
  • Guides towards optimal movement
  • Increases motor learning


“I can get my running step much more precise. With Fasciawear helping me to maintain good posture, I can concentrate on my running technique.”
– Sini, sprinter

“Fasciawear makes my body feel lighter and yet more sturdy. I’m able to maintain a good posture and control my movement more easily during exercise.”
-Päivi, lifestyle athlete

“As I have clear targets what I want to achieve, I want to make every workout count. Fasciawear helps me get the support and muscle control I need at the gym.”
– Tiina, Bikini Fitness European Champion 2018

“After a soccer game my muscles are usually a bit sore. Fasciawear has helped me recover faster and practice more effectively even after a tough game.”
– Anna, soccer player

“Fasciawear helps me with my running technique, I’m able to get my feet quicker under my body, which helps me thrust myself forward more effectively.”
– Matilda, sprinter

“Fasciawear supports my body and muscles during exercise and gives me a boost in fast paced movements”
– Fanni, soccer player

“Fasciawear balances how my muscles work making the lazy ones work more and giving rest to the overworked ones. My body feels more balanced”
– Sanna, active mum


Wear the suit for 1 to 2 hours a day during exercise to achieve the best results. The suit can be used during mobility, agility, coordination, stamina and muscle strengthening exercises.


Fasciawear – sportswear that improves performance

Activates core muscles, supports good posture & improves body awareness and motion control.