On the night of November 28th 2019, a culmination of events between the mother of my newborn daughter led to her calling the police and filing a false statement against me. I was promptly arrested without question or any evidence against me for the charges of Family Violence and Felony Child Endangerment. Despite my daughter’s mother trying to drop the charges and recant her statement The State of Texas is still seeking prosecution against me. This whole ordeal led to a Protective Order being filed against me by the State banning me from returning to my home, or seeing My daughter or her mother.

All I have ever wanted after growing up without a mother or father, was to be the very best parent I can be and now I am terrified if the lifelong consequences I could face if the State finds me Guilty in this case.

The worst punishment of all being that I cannot see my daughter and I am being forced to miss her first Christmas.

I am heavily burdened with bond supervision fees, and child support on top of still paying all of the bills for the household I can no longer be a part of and missing many days of work to take care of my legal obligations.

After being denied for a court appointed lawyer on both cases which are split into separate courts, My cases have been reset and I have been given three weeks to hire a lawyer to represent me in both of these matters.

I am not proud of this situation and not the type to reach out for help but I am desperate for help in obtaining the best results in this case, so I can move past this and be the best father I can be to my beautiful angel.