We are in the middle of a global biotech revolution that is only accessible to a very small slice of the public. Not only is hardware for doing bio stuck in the same state as computer mainframes of the ‘60s, the software and documentation are either scattered or written in professional jargon. 

 At Feles (pronounced ‘fee-les’), we believe that the ability to explore biology belongs to everyone and that together, we can make breakthroughs that will shape the world of tomorrow. To do so, we are redesigning the laboratory tools, the software controls, as well as the learning experience all at once to deliver a modern, integrated experience. From the very beginning, we knew it was going to be a crazy journey. However, by combining our team’s diverse expertise, countless sleepless nights, and lots of advice and encouragement from family and friends, here we are with our first product, the Feles Lab. We need your help to take this revolution to the next stage. Together, let’s bring affordable biotechnology to the world. 

The Feles One is a lab-in-box toolkit designed to enable the general public to explore the biology all around them using routine procedures done in professional labs around the world.  To achieve this, we have integrated six key lab tools as independent modules that can all be controlled through a modern touch interface with pre-programed defaults.  

The Feles Lab features a modern, minimalist design so that you look great while showing off your bio-chops to your friends, instead of doing experiments by yourself in the garage or basement.  Equipped with Feles One, you can start learning molecular biology by hands-on experiments, do multiple basic home testing like identifying if your vegetable is GMO, create creative use cases like painting with natural pigments, etc.  

The Feles One contains the most commonly used  tools in a biology lab. You can use the Feles One as an full fledged lab to do your research, explore genetic make-up, or examine your food at a molecular level. At iGEM 2018 we exhibit our initial progress at Giant Jamboree, where we receive overwhelming feedback on how people would use Feles One. Here’s a list of things you can do with existing protocols:

  • Test of your vegetable is GMO
  • Check if your taste buds detect bitter flavors
  • Check if you are built for endurance
  • Test if you are likely to be lactose intolerant
  • Explore how blood type genotyping works
  • Test a hamburger to see if it contains horse meat
  • Investigate your beer for bacteria
  • Extract ancient DNA from fossils
  • Test the gender of birds from a feather or a spot of blood 
  • Identify species with DNA bar-coding 
  • ……..

You can even start your iGEM (international genetic engineering machine) project! 

In addition to equipping you to get your research done, the Feles One opens the doors for everyone to envision future applications of biotechnology. There are many ways to use the Feles One device in various inventive settings– For example, experiment with new molecular gastronomy and mixology on your own your kitchen counter-top.