Finding the crowd to support your crowdfunding campaign

Do you have an idea (or multiple ideas) and want to try your hand at crowd funding? Trouble is, you’re not sure where to find the crowd that will help you support your campaign. One google search on crowdfunding gets you blogs, tips, lists, ebooks, promotion experts, content writers, etc. With so many resources, where do you begin?

For the last several years, I’ve been helping crowdfunders without a network to get promotion. But, the promotion is only one piece of the formula.

Promotion alone will not guarantee funding. I receive hundreds of requests every week from crowdfunders looking for ideas on how they can have more success.

The winners program is the answer, In this 12 module course, you’ll learn the what, how, and most importantly, the why of making your campaign a success. Best of all, it’s risk-free

Rather than you wasting time testing and measuring what works and what doesn’t, use the proven formula from Narek. His formula has already created 2 crowdfunding millionaires, 18 six figure and many five figure campaigns. 

Wondering if you have what it takes to be a winner? If you can answer yes to ALL of these, then this program is a perfect fit—and backed with a 100% money-back guarantee.

—Do you have several ideas and don’t know whether they are good for crowdfunding?

—Do you already have ideas that you want to realize and share with other people? For example: music, film, game, technology, art, small business etc.

—Do you already have a readymade product or service or are in the process of developing it?

—Is your campaign NOT about raising money for you or a loved one? For example: medical, hardship,  charity group or foundation.

How much more time do you want to waste searching for crowdfunding tips? Narek interviewed 206 successful crowdfunders and discovered that, whatever the campaign, they all took the same route to greatness. Now you can have the same formula to use as many times as you want. Join the Winners Program