My name is Courtney McWhirter. I am the daughter of Bruce McWhirter and sister to Haleigh McWhirter in Shasta County. As I am out of Washington state, I am doing what I can to support my family who have lost everything.

The CARR fire in Shasta County has taken both my Father and my sisters home in the warpath that now threatens the lives of many more in Redding, California and it’s surrounding areas.

My fathers home was in Keswick, California which was destroyed Thursday, July 26th.  My sister’s house followed not long after which was located just across the river in keswick estates. With the homes now gone, my family, have decided to reside on Shasta lake on a small boat until it is safe to return to Redding.

I have started this campaign to help with food and water and other supplies until we can establish what our next steps are.

I am asking for support for my family during this hard time. There are many more who need support as well as we are not the only ones who have lost homes. In this time of need, a helping hand, be it small is still a blessing.

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