About this project

Fudo Boards is a company based in Georgia near Atlanta area, we specialize in Anime style boards as well as artwork that we consider masterpieces. We believe that skateboards are a work of art and showcase a person’s style and personality and want to bring that out with our artwork.

Fudo Boards also believes in giving back to the world that is why we give a % of our sales to charities and are always up to do custom boards for them as well. Supporting us is supporting a new direction in skateboards from turning decks into master pieces and from master pieces to changing the world.

So how do we plan to pull this off? How are we going to succeed?

First off, we have a team of marketing, website design, voice talents, skateboard makers, artists, and skate team. We work round the clock in production some of our team is on the other side of the world in Japan.

With the funds from Kickstarter we are able to process more boards, higher quality art detail, better web design, enter more skate competitions and bring the concept of Fudo boards into the world setting the standards of what a skateboard company should be.

Risks and challenges

Some of the challenges we face are building the brand and production.
Building a brand takes time we have an excellent team that has experience in brand management and marketing and though we have only been “Live” officially since 09/2017, we have come a long way in 30 days!

Production of boards takes time however, we have some of the most experience board makers out there and all our boards are made in USA!