Take Nurse Karen from Cancer to Doctor

FINALLY, after putting my dream of becoming a doctor on hold for 15 years to take care of my family, began to make that dream come true. Then I got hit with breast cancer. I am forging through grad school, and applying to med school in a few short months, however after being without work due to a double mastectomy, having to start chemo, and looking at  a mountain of medical debt ahead of me, I will need help to fund my medical school tuition, as I will have exhausted my student loans and savings paying my grad school tuition and debt.   I have come so far, I WILL NOT GIVE UP.
I am starting this now, so I will be able to pay for flights, hotels, housing, etc. for interviews this fall through winter, as well as have deposits and tuition ready for winter/spring of next year into summer.
I know this seems like a lot of money, but please remember- once I start school, I will not be able to work, and I will have to maintain GOOD health insurance (I have to continue routine scans, 5 years of meds, follow up visits, etc.), rent, food, and utilities.  Since I am getting a graduate degree now (I am a VERY non-traditional student), I will not have any federal financial aid eligibility left.
This whole Breast Cancer thing has forced me to learn humility and that even I (gasp) can’t do everything without help. I am going to get my boobless, hairless, black bean self to med school come hell or high water, but I am going to need help to do it. So y’all, if you can give a little, groovy. If you can’t, no worries. Either way, I would greatly appreciate if you could share this sucker like an anti-vaxxer’s kid shares the measles so I can take some of the worry off of my plate.

(and in case anyone is worried about putting good money into something they don’t think that I can handle in this condition-I chopped these puppies off, took a nap in post-op, went to my room, opened my laptop, and did my MCAT prep class. Then I got discharged and studied for my graduate program biochem test and genetics quiz which I took in person and on time the day after discharge. AND I’ve been working 2 jobs in the ED and Cardiology up until the mastectomy-going back soon. It’s a good investment-TRUST ME 😉

Below are some pictures of my journey as well as an essay I wrote for myself as well as my friends and family who were very worried for me in the beginning, and a letter to myself that I was asked to write as  part of a cancer patient writing item (warning: strong, real, raw language).  Thank you! 🙂 …….Read More