My name is Kostiantyn. I live in Ukraine, Kharkiv. I am 27 years old in clear consciousness, moving independently.

This year in August, 2019, I began to complain about unilateral nasal congestion, but he has had problems with nasal breathing since childhood (this was considered to be due to a curved septum). After having been examined by the ENT doctor, I was prescribed with Nasonex drops. A month later, the double vision appeared. The ophthalmologist also did not see the problem.

I was admitted for treatment in Trier, Germany. Where they examined and revealed a malignant neoplasm in the sinus, with germination in the muscle. After the consultation, doctors decided to conduct proton therapy. Germany could accept me since January, I decided to go to Prague, Czech Republic. Here I was billed at 79,000 €. Now I am here in an odd treatment. I attach all photos of conclusions

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