Maria Trubnikova was born 4 years ago. A sweet, bubbly baby, Maria fell ill when she was 3 years old. After weeks of testing her diagnosis was a parents worst fear: CANCER.Maria was diagnosed with neuroblastoma stage 4-is a cancer that develops from immature nerve cells found in several part of the body. Fortunately Maria was receiving intensive chemotherapy for the past year in John Hopkins Hospital ,but that didn’t get rid of the cancer completely. Doctor recommended for Maria to continue her treatment with immunotherapy in Germany . Immunotherapy is fairly new type of treatment and unfortunately very little will be covered by insurance. Without it Maria will not survive .With it there is a 87%chance that child will live a long and happy life. If you are reading this ,you know that to save a life is to save a world. Let’s save Maria’s life together. Thank you for all your donations and prayers for this sweet little girl.