Give life back to a small business and the family running it which was forced to shut down due to losses and loans.​

Hello everyone. This is a call for help from bangalore  ,india. This pizzeria has been our family business for the past 5 years. Until 2016 business was fine.

In 2017 the location of our restaurant had to face 2 bigger brands as competition on the same floor. And our business could not compete.

The whole year we have been taking loans to keep the place running ,thinking it will get better. But unfortunately it didn’t and now we are drowning in loans and had to close shop in December 2017.

I created this campaign to ask for your help to reopen our pizzeria in a smaller place and to help us financially till things settle.

Because right now we have no income and no savings as we drained everything just paying interest out to the loans we had taken.

And right now we are unable to pay even the loaners and life has become very difficult and we are being harassed by them everyday.

Please help us get back on our feet. We thank you in advance..