I am writing on behalf of my son Mike, he has stomach and liver cancer and is currently undergoing aggressive chemo cancer treatment. I’m 82, on Social Security and I’m living on a fixed income so I’m very limited as to what I’m able to do to help him!

I am attempting to start a go fund me for what I suppose is a selfish reason (I’m terribly scared by the idea that my son will die before I do!). Mike is a wonderful father, he and his wife Erica and the children live in Henderson Nevada. They have three small children, two twin boys eight years old and another little boy who’s only seven months.

Erica worked in the service industry but because of her pregnancy and now this COVID-19 pandemic, she’s been off work for quite a length of time. They especially need help with the medical expenses, doctors and the operations themselves! They also need a little something to live on just to just to keep them afloat! Since the onslaught of this cancer Mike has lost over 45 pounds while going through treatments and biopsies and various cancer (attacking) preventative strategies.

I realize hard times are at everybody’s doorstep especially during this pandemic, but I’m very scared about Mike‘s cancer because I’m old and this fund me thing is the only thing I can think of that might help, otherwise I don’t know what else to do!

Mike’s going through a chemo process now in an attempt to shrink a very large 5mm sized tumor! If they are successful they can limit the amount of stomach, spleen and liver they’ll have to remove.

I’m enclosing some pictures and I somehow just hope and pray you’ll be able to find it in your hearts even in this difficult time to try and donate something to help my son and his little family survive!

God bless you, your friend forever David Scott!