At the age of 33 I was rushed to the hospital with severe stomach pains. I was admitted right away and remained in the hospital for 11 days. After dozens of tests and procedures all showing negative results, doctors couldn’t figure out what was wrong with me. So my mom moved me to another hospital where i spent 10 more days doing all kinds of tests and procedure and still no one could figure out what was wrong. Finally after the third hospital stay (12 days) they were able to determine that i had an Stomach ulcer due to the over the counter pain medication i was taking for years of period pain. But it didn’t end there. I was sent home with medication and still the pain continued. I ended being in and out of hospitals for over 11 months. I had endless excruciating  pain every day, vomiting and diarrhea at least 5-10 times a day. I couldn’t eat anything and loss over 30lbs. After the 4th month in the hospital i was told i had cysts in my uterus that needed to be drained because they were putting to much pressure on my lungs and was damaging them. I also had tons of fibrosis that were so large they damaged my fallopian tubes. So they went in with two drains on each side of my stomach to drain the cysts, but after that the pain still continued. By the 6th month in hospital all the doctors wanted to do was rip out my uterus. My mom said oh hell no! I was too young and i had no husband and no kids. So i was taken to another hospital once again to get more tests and procedures done. At this time my blood levels were so low due to having anemia; my iron levels had fallen below 5.0,  which was in the danger zone of organ failure. I had to have emergency surgery and take blood donation to increase my blood levels. In June (month 7) i had my first major surgery – and left with an unbelievable scar from above my belly button down half way to my vagina. It was confirmed during surgery that i had severe stage 4 Endometriosis, and unfortunately due to so much blood lost the doctor couldn’t finish the whole surgery. She only got very few fibrosis and cysts out. The report she typed up after the surgery describes my uterus as a disaster! There was only so much she could do. After the surgery the pain still continued and every month i was back in the hospital until on doctor in the emergency room said “you really need pain management and a medication that could put my body in a menopause state so that i could become more stable”.  She referred me to a different OBGYN for women with endometriosis. They saved me, i was provided pain management referral and a new obgyn surgeon and orilissa. I had to have another surgery in November to finish what the first surgeon attempted to do, and i was provided orilissa to shut my hormones down – putting my body into a menopausal status. Since the last surgery I have become more stable. I take tramadol daily for pain and orilissa daily to keep my hormones suppressed, but now i found out that I have an incisional hernia that needs to be repair – which means another surgery! I also cannot be on orilissa forever and I’m still single with no kids, so I desperately need help paying for the additional surgeries needed to keep my uterus in tact, because once it’s determined that i have to come off of the orilissa my only option would be to have a hysterectomy and I’m terrified of that! For any person out there reading this – please image for a second someone taking away the only way for you to have children of your own. I keep thinking what man will want a woman like me that can’t give them children. Especially since I’ve never been lucky in life (hince I’m still single). I’m already in debt thousands of dollars of medical bills so there’s no way in hell I could afford another surgery or even IVF, and medical insurance doesn’t pay for much of anything. So what can i do. Once again live has screwed me over and I often feel like giving up. I don’t know what to do anymore. Please help me! This is my last hope to one day have someone to live for.