Hello wonderful people of GoFundMe! I am here today to kindly ask if you could help me make some dreams of mine come true! All my life (due to parents divorce) I’ve been hopping relatives because my family hasn’t been very reliable in taking care of me. I’ve had to cut off a lot of people who I initially felt I had to stay with because they were “family” when in reality I was being emotionally abused and as a result, fell behind in some important aspects in my life such as friendships and academics… Now that I’m older and a little bit more wiser, I decided to leave most of that behind me and find my own way.  Anyways! There is always more to the story, but I am not here to cause anyone to cry. I’ve been with my John for the last two years, staying with him and his great family. I could not be happier! God has blessed me time and time again with all my basic needs no matter what chaos came upon me. I was able to get a part time job for awhile and take a few more semesters of college before covid-19! I am hoping to do more, and this is where I am asking you all to come in.  I have two major dreams: to finally have my own place, and to get a personal laptop so that I can continue my studies and more easily pursue my writing career. John and I have found a nice and cheap apartment complex nearby his family so we could stay connected, but also alleviate financial stress on his mother who already has 4 others under her roof to support. The burden got greater once the virus hit our state and she was laid off. The goal I set is more for security, but absolute anything will help add to our savings so when we sign our first lease together, we can not stress about rent for a little while and also afford some basic furniture, food and other typical supplies. When we are settled, all extra funds will go to my John’s mother as thanks for her hospitality to me and to support her younger children during this difficult time. Her home of 32 years has a broken A/C unit which makes the house almost sweltering during the summer. It would be amazing to surprise her with the funds to fix it! (She informed me once that would be ten grand to fix) For now, we make out okay with box fans. Thank you anyone and everyone who took the time to read this mini essay, for considering a donation, and for all your beautiful generosity! God bless, and please be well during this difficult time in the world.