In December of 2019 I was diagnosed with Stage 4 Gastric Cancer that had metastasized and spread to my brain causing what is known as Secondary or Metastatic Brain Cancer. With the survival rates being so incredibly low at stage 4 with this kind of cancer I opted to spend my final days living my best life rather than spend it doing cancer treatments that would further deplete my health and energy levels.

With the 4-5 month timeframe I was given in early January I was mentally prepared not to make it past May. So I opted to stop working in March to be able to spend time with friends and family and to set out to accomplish a rather humble bucket list.

Obviously it’s August now and I’ve surpassed the timeframe I was last given. Everyone tells me I’m a natural fighter and I’ll make it longer than most in my situation given my positive mindset, stubbornness, and above all, the grace of God.

I’ve had so much love and support from all of you this entire journey and even on my lowest days there’s always been someone there to pick me up and I can’t even begin to repay what everyone has already done for me.

Making it this far and continuing ahead has and will continue to be a double edge sword as far as the financial aspect of dealing with terminal illness and all the costs associated with it (Insurance/Medical Expenses, End Of Life Care Planning, Funeral, etc) as well as trying to hold on to what little I do have left still. I was laid off in May and now pay for health and life insurance on my own. In all honesty I probably should’ve set one of these up from the start but again… I’m a stubborn and hard headed.

I wish there was a road map or manual for living with terminal cancer and the depression and heartache that comes with it but life doesn’t work that way so I’m just trying to make the most of this incredibly difficult situation.

With much love and appreciation, Jordan.