Hello, my name is Daniel Cunningham.  For five years now, I’ve been working at seeing my dream come to reality, and now, I’m ready to take the first major step.  Recently, I’ve completed a full draft of the first part of my story.  The story itself takes place in a fantasy world, following a variety of characters, allied and facing off against one another, whilst a threat lurks in the shadows.

However, I need your help, and every little bit helps.  Due to being strained due to COVID, in addition to still being in college, it would take me a long time before I’d be able to properly have the book edited.

In order to have the story properly edited, I will need to about $6000 total.*
$1400 for Developmental Editing – Makes sure that the story itself doesn’t contain plotholes, continuity errors, and ensures every character and setting is useful.
$2200 for Line Editing – Focused on improving the writing style, while maintaining the personal voice of the writer.  Consists of fixing writing conventions, considers POV, redundancy, etc.
$1800 for Copy Editing – Ensures that every sentence does not contain any errors, doesn’t consider the context of the story itself.
$1200 for Proofreading – Essentially acts as the seal of approval,  and indicator of the novel being ready to publish.
*Keep in mind, these numbers are rounded.

Other aspects such as Cover Art, Typesetting, and Back Cover Blurb, I will consider in the future, and I will be putting in whatever funds I can to getting this all worked out.

My goal is to have this completed at least by the end of summer in 2021.

Any bit of support will go a long way, and it would mean the world to me if you would consider helping me see this long-time dream of mine finally come to life.