Matt Herren Music

Hi! I’m Matt Herren, a neo-traditional country music singer, songwriter, and internet sensation. On March 31, 2020, while in quarantine, my wife secretly recorded me singing a cover of The Dance by Garth Brooks and posted it on the internet.  Overnight, I developed a loyal fanbase, self-named as The Matt Pack.  They love that I stay true to country roots and that I don’t mix music genres.

I’ve been singing recreationally since I was three years old.  I honed my craft while singing to myself when I had leukemia at the age of 15.  Music helped me cope with cancer and eventually go into remission.  I have entered several singing competitions, including trying out for The Voice in 2016.  However, none of them furthered my music career professionally.  For a while, I doubted that I was talented enough to be professional, and I stopped singing competitively.  After my wife posted that video, everything changed for me.

Heather worked tirelessly to help me gain over 27,000 followers on Facebook in less than 5 months.  My fanbase’s belief in me was the missing ingredient that I needed to believe in myself. After getting multiple requests from my fans for original music, I reached out to some labels in Nashville, TN.  While they loved my voice and were interested in talking with me about signing with them, they wanted me to change who I am at the core.  I started to realize that my lack of success in singing competitions wasn’t a lack of talent.  It was my style.

Current labels and producers believe that in order to sell records, I need to modernize my style into pop country, country rap, or country rock.  While I’m open to constructive criticism and professional growth, I’m not willing to sell out who I am.  It was then that I decided to become an independent artist and become my own label.  More importantly, I want to prove that traditional country music is still desired!

What We Need 

I have never done anything like this. . . but after research into how to produce a record and get it out into the world for many people to hear, I realized that I would need financial help.  In addition to music production costs, which are expensive enough on their own, there are a lot of other costs involved in being your own label. I am only asking for the BARE MINIMUM that it would take to get started as an independent artist and produce a CD for you. Your financial contributions will pay for:

    • ​Song-writing splits
    • Attorney’s fees
    • Campaign perks creation costs
    • Indiegogo fees
    • Accounting fees
    • Taxes
    • Etc.
    • Studio time
    • Session musicians
    • Sound engineer and producer
    • Travel expenses to record
    • Etc.
    • Graphic designer
    • Professional photo shoot
    • Website creation and design
    • PR campaign and digital marketing
    • Publicist
    • Performance rights association memberships
    • Etc.

What if the goal amount isn’t funded?

If for some reason I do not reach the desired goal, I will use what funds are collected to make the best quality CD possible (even if it is just in a local studio)  and to pay to have the perks made and shipped.  The next expense would be to pay the graphic designer and website designer.

What if the campaign exceeds the goal amount?

Hopefully, it does.  I am only asking for about 20% of what it would take to produce this at the quality that I would be happy with.  The amount that I am asking for is the minimum required to self-produce and release one CD.  If the campaign exceeds the goal amount, I will use the additional funds to produce an even better quality CD and to pay for extra items that a label would normally front such as a manager, 18-month nationwide radio campaign, band salaries and tour costs, music video production, a future album, etc (as the additional funds will allow).  If and when we reach the minimum funding amount, I will announce a stretch goal and what those funds would be used for.

What Perks Do You Get For Contributing

The items offered are EXCLUSIVE to this campaign, and will NEVER be available for purchase.  They have all been designed specifically for The Matt Pack by my mother-in-law Marie.

Understanding that I have fans in all income brackets, the perks were designed to offer fans of all budgets the opportunity to contribute to Matt Pack Productions.  You can check out the perks section for pricing, photos, and details.

Contribute ANYTHING (even $1.00) within the first 7 days of the campaign and get a FREE BONUS SONG, my single entitled “Country Music Hasn’t Died,” which will be emailed to you when the campaign ends.  This single won’t be on my CD.  Make sure to contribute quickly so that you can be one of the FIRST to hear it.

Why I’m Determined To Do This

I want to show the world and Nashville labels that traditional country music can still live on.

  • I have followers in all 50 states and across the world including Canada, Australia, Mexico, multiple European countries, and India (just to name a few) who miss hearing traditional country sound on the radio.
  • Every day I hear people tell me the sad story that they have stopped listening to country radio stations because it doesn’t feel like country anymore.
  • My fans want new songs to listen to with the traditional sound they fell in love with.
  • Real country music heals the soul, and that is very much needed with what’s going on in the world today.