In 2010 I was found to have rectal cancer,it took a year to recover. The outcome was, I would have to wear a colostomy bag my whole life. But I healed and went on driving big truck, until May 2019, I was found to have a cancer mass in my colon, sergon told me they are going to take out all of my colon, resulting in a illostmy. My plan was to go back to work after,i healed, but my job fired me and I lost my benefits, I now have to pay cobra $584.46 a month and about $200 for extra insurance and ostomy supplies,food,and keep my phone so doctors can contact me,i figure I will need $400.00 a week for 6 months to 1 year.All monies donate will go to health care. Thank you on July 1 st I raised the amount I need,due to changing events, my surgery is July 23 Rd,but my cobra coverage ends July 31st. On Thur June 27 ,2019. iI was put on oxygen at home and abroad, right now my oxygen is rental, but over the long haul ,I will need an Imogen machine cost $2,400.00. Thank You again for reading.