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The 3M™ Versaflo™ TR-300-HIK is a complete, ready to use HE PAPR system for industrial applications.
The kit includes: M 307 Respiratory Hard Hat Assembly, TR 302N PAPR Unit, TR 326 High Durability Belt, TR 341N Battery Charger, TR 3712N Filter, TR 362 Spark Arrestor/Prefilter, TR 332 High Capacity Battery, BT 40 Heavy Duty Breathing Tube, TR 970 Airflow Indicator.

for my brother he is a emergency department RN and he told to use surgical masks which is not that safe and he has medical conditions. He works at 2 hospitals round the clock and this would be a very   big help for him in the fight against covid 19.

He is a great guy and would do anything for everyone he has a heart of gold any little donation would go a long way to purchase this. Thank you all for your help.