Mrs. Wathore, the courageous lady, is fighting advanced lung cancer and needs our kindness and prayers.

On a perfectly normal morning of 10th April, a disastrous storm hit the Wathore family when Mrs. Wathore went to see the doctor for a routine cough checkup. Nobody was expecting the day will turn out to be the most tragic day of all time, which changed their world upside down. Mrs. Wathore was diagnosed with Advanced Lung Cancer, and Surgery is not an option at this stage; only Chemotherapy and Targeted Immunotherapy are vital for her survival and can give precious time to her and family. Aggressive and advanced treatments are the only hope.

We need to raise these funds as quickly as possible to facilitate timely treatment. PLEASE SEE ATTACHED MEDICAL REPORTS BELOW!

Dipak, our friend, saw his mother the last time four years ago in a healthy condition as she bid him adieu at Nagpur Airport in India.

We never dreamt of seeing a day when we will need to start a GoFundMe page for our charming, ever smiling, and always positive friend, Dipak. He is the kindest, the most generous person in the world who has helped and changed the lives of numerous people he has met.

Today, with the unfortunate incident and great sadness, we, Team Wathore: his closest friends & family, ask for your support for his mother’s cancer treatment.

We are starting this fundraiser with Dipak’s permission. It took us many conversations with Dipak to convince him to accept donations from his friends, family, and well-wishers worldwide for Mrs. Wathore’s fight with cancer.

As his closest friends, we stand together to aid Dipak in the worst phase of his life. Today, we request your donations and prayers to reduce the financial burden on Dipak as his mother continues to fight cancer.

Dipak and his family are stretching the financial resources and are still falling short. Despite his eagerness and urgency, Dipak is trying his best but is unable to travel to India to see his mother because of the current pandemic situation in India and immigration regulations. Yet, he continues to support them as best as he can.

Hailing from a small village in India, Mrs. Wathore has been a change-maker from her young age. She raised her siblings, taught them, supported their education, and looked after her parents, who still live in the tiny village in her childhood home. She sacrificed herself for the welfare of her family and her town. She instilled the same sacrificial values in Dipak to serve others. Mrs. Wathore has been a staunch supporter of women’s empowerment and women’s equality. Mrs. Wathore raised Dipak to be a proud, kind, and independent person.

How will the donations be used?

Donations will be used for Mrs. Wathore’s cancer treatment at a cancer institute in Central India. They may need to bring her to the USA for advanced treatment.


Team Wathore thanks you for your kindness and your generous contributions. No donation is a small donation. Please contribute generously; your kindness will be greatly appreciated.

Please share this GoFundMe page with anyone you think might be able to help and support.

Please keep them in your prayers. Thank you for your donations. God Bless you all!

Team Wathore kindly asks you all not to contact Dipak directly. We will be happy to answer your questions and post regular updates.

Every minute is valuable, and your help counts very much!