August of 2019 a doctor found a mass in Ms.Robin cervix, did a biopsy and on August 10, 2019, 2 days before her 55th birthday the results came back as the mass was cancerous. She was slowly losing the energy she once had. Ms.Robin received radiation therapy, chemo therapy,and as a last resort when chemo didn’t work, immunotherapy from the John Theurer Cancer Center in Hackensack,NJ all while taking 4 different pain medications, and alot of other medication on a daily basis and multiple blood transfusions.   Within the last 3 months her health has been  increasingly declining and she was admitted for uncontrollably heavy bleeding on 8.21.2020 and is currently living out the time she has left in a hospital bed. No treatment is available to her any longer because of her frail body and it’s condition. She has been put on hospice which means her life expectancy is 6 months or less and is only receiving pain medication through an IV to keep her comfortable.   Times like these are extremely rough and even more tough because she doesn’t have life insurance. The family is currently doing everything we can to prepare for the worst and we’d greatly appreciate any donation, prayer and shared post to help with her medical and funeral expenses. Thank you to everyone we truly are grateful for any and everything. Have a blessed day.