Saturday, 4/24 Nick Remington & Walker King (Palmetto Roots) had a gig at The Grand on Main in Columbia, SC.  Nick had all of his music equipment (Mixer, mics,  in-ear monitors, speakers, guitar, iPad Mini, and other equipment that they use at their performances in his car STOLEN. He left all of the equipment in his car because he was returning home to Charleston Sunday morning since it is the end of the semester. When he returned to his car, he was shocked to find that someone broke into his car & stole all of his music gig items, subwoofers & a few other items.

Nick Remington is a Pi Kappa Phi, won Mr. Big Man on Campus (2019/2020) & performed  last year as the talent for Mr. Big Man on Campus.  Nick has performed at various locations around USC, at fraternity & sorority functions, and various locations around Charleston. His SUV was parked at The Lofts at USC, where he lives.  The police were called and there is video of the thief. Unfortunately the guy was wearing a mask & hoodie so they could not make out a clear picture of his face.

Nick has worked extremely hard, saving money and doing many gigs to buy the equipment needed if the venue doesn’t have what they need to perform & be heard. If you are willing and able to donate anything to help replace the equipment (approximately $4000.00) it would be very much appreciated! Your support for helping replace these items would be a blessing. Nick is devasted that he was violated in this way.