To anyone who has taken the time to read this, thank you.

My Dad is fighting for his life.

He is battling Stage 4 Head & Neck Cancer, and it has metastasized to his lymph nodes on both sides of his neck. Surgery is not an option, and he is currently on week 2 of a 7 week program to free him of this terrible condition. This treatment has him undergoing 35 radiation treatments (5 a week) and 7 intensive chemotherapy sessions (1 a week) in order to combat his cancer. Due to the coronavirus our family is unable to see my Dad in the hospital, and have to take extreme precautions helping him at home.

On top of all of this he has been battling a rare and strange disease for 11 years by the name of Dercum’s Disease. I’ve attached a link below for those interested in the details. He has had over 500+ Dercum’s tumors removed in the past decade, and is overdue for another surgery.  His body is covered in painful lipomas, shooting pain all across his nervous system. This surgery must be postponed due to the cancer. Everyday these lipomas grow in number and strength.

However, the past two years have been especially cruel to my Dad.

– November 2018: Dad was diagnosed with Prostate Cancer, having to receive 28 proton beam radiation treatments. After months of struggle, the prostate cancer has since been destroyed, if not vacant. Only time will tell.

– January 2019: After beating prostate cancer, the struggle was not over for Bernie. After suddenly collapsing, my Dad had a violent stroke sending him to the ICU for three days.

– October 2019: Late in October my Dad was diagnosed with yet another mysterious disease. This disease required brutal tests in order for doctors to understand what it was. A piece of Bernie’s lung had to be removed for a biopsy. Doctors also had to preform a bronchoscopy, a procedure in which they guide a camera down your throat into your lungs for observation.

His samples were studied at the Cleveland Clinic, and was diagnosed as Sarcoidosis of the lungs, eyes, and skin. I’ve attached a link for this as well below.

– April 2020 — Present: In April the worst case scenario became a reality. A large lump was discovered on my Dad’s neck.

After CT scans and biopsises this was confirmed to be another form of cancer. He was diagnosed with Stage 4 Head & Neck Cancer. Stage 4 is the highest stage possible for this form of cancer. It had already spread and metastasized to both lymph nodes on his neck. The radiation and chemotherapy is an everyday battle.

As I type this my Dad has been admitted to the ER after complications with the feeding tube that has been surgically placed inside of his stomach. He barely has the ability to get up out of bed.

His jaw and tongue could atrophy.
His ability to taste has already left him.
He may lose his ability to even speak to his loved ones.

If this treatment does not work, we do not know what we can do.

My Dad is not thrilled to be asking for help like this. I don’t think many would be proud to show their scars publicly like this. These are truly, truly desperate times for our family. Two years of constant visits to the hospital, receiving some of the most advanced forms of medicine at our disposal.

The medical bills pile up higher every day.

All we can do is ask for your help.