The People’s Houses, a subsidiary of Society for Homeless Americans, has heard the call to arms for the upcoming wave of mass evictions. The availability of homeless beds was at crisis stage prior to appearance of the virus. Due to a lack of response from US Government who fails to hear the crys of desperation from the people, SHA and other organizations across the country will have to step up and find a solution. Make no mistake about it. Without a massive investment from the government, things are about to become grave. Organizations alone cannot address the needs of the estimated 30 million people about to be put in the streets. Children, elders, disabled and families with lose just about everything they have. With the goon squads beating on virtually everyone they see, our dystopian society is becoming a nightmare before our very eyes. Exactly what format our shelter will take depends on your generosity. We want to build a tiny village if enough funds are donated. I never dreamed I would see the day when America the Beautiful was reduced to a third world nation. This cannot stand. Please give generously as your donations were never needed more. We also want to request volunteers. We need legal services, a web designer, a grant writer and someone capable of filing our 501(c)3 and business plans. Help if you can. Give if you can.