I have this friend, the kind of friend you all want. Selfless, there for you no matter what, hilarious, fun, easy going,  and of course above all else a HUGE animal lover and advocate for them. She has this amazing 2 year old German Shepard named Ruger. Ruger is such a happy and friendly dog, whom is also a bestie of my two dogs. But even with extensive research on local breeders, testing, and breeder responsibility by his now owner, Ruger was still the victim of lies and irresponsible breeding and has been recently diagnosed with severe hip dyplasia.

The ultimate treatment involves surgery, which is the highest goal of proceeds. However, there are many steps along the way including medications, specialty vet visits, and rehab/therapy. If the goal of surgery is not obtained, proceeds will go to these less invasive options to keep Ruger as happy as his soul was meant to be.

Help us help Ruger’s Hips and give him the best life possible. Also remember to always call out those that are irresponsible breeders and make moves towards eradicating them!