Hello friends,

I am Marian Tamayo, fundraising on behalf of my good friend Wesley Ryder and his mother, Sara Sampson. They lost everything – their home and all belongings – in the Camp Fire disaster.

Wesley and Sara managed to escape the fire unharmed but will need all the help they can get so that they can start over. They are currently seeking housing in the Chico area.

Wesley and I met this summer in Ketchikan, Alaska while doing seasonal work at a seafood processing plant. He is only twenty years old but is wise beyond his years, has an incredible work ethic, and is also very dedicated to helping out his mom, Sara. Working as a processor involves long work days (12-16 hour shifts) and involves heavy labor. He saved up all summer long just to have a little extra money when he comes back to the mainland. He was hoping to start going to college sometime soon. The salmon season ended and we were sent back home at the end of September.

After less than two months of being back in Paradise, the Camp Fire broke out and destroyed Wesley’s family home and many others.

It is heartbreaking to see two tragedies strike their family, one after the other. Sara was also recently widowed – her husband, Dakota Sampson, passed away in 2017. Prior to having Dakota in their lives, Sara was the sole breadwinner of the family and raised Wesley as a single parent. She was a nurse at the Feather River Hospital.

This hospital was unfortunately in the path of fire and burned down on November 9th:

Wesley and Sarah have gone through so much in the past year. Any amount will be much appreciated to help alleviate financial burdens and help them get a fresh start. Thank you all.