After Sarah attended her sister’s wedding, she totaled her car and was taken to the hospital by ambulance. It was then, that she learned she both broke and dislocated her hip, broke her hand, and ruptured her spleen. She is currently in ICU at Piedmont for the next two weeks, and will be having hip surgery on Monday of next week. After that surgery, they will schedule the surgery before she leaves to repair her ruptured spleen if they can save it. If not, she’ll have to have it removed. Please keep her in your prayers the next three months, as she’ll have pins in her hip after surgery, and will be in ICU alone. In facing all these problems alone as a mother of two, and no longer able to operate (much less, have a vehicle), she needs all the help she can get. Every little bit will go a long way towards helping Sarah and her family, so do whatever God puts it in your heart to contribute. If you are unable to help out, you can share this GoFundMe to help out Sarah, and again: prayers are always welcome. Thank you in advance for whatever you can help with, and be blessed.